How to Plan your Breakfast Event with Corporate Catering

How to Plan your Breakfast Event with Corporate Catering

If your company is organizing for a corporate breakfast meeting, it is only a professional corporate catering company that will ensure the event is smooth and hassle-free.

Regardless of the number of attendees you have, planning for your meetings, presentations, and seminars in the morning will highly contribute to the success of the event, and you can also save a lot for food and venue costs.  A corporate catering Melbourne expert can help you focus on the business aspect while they take care of the comfort and satiety of your guests.

Benefits of Corporate Catering for your Events

Although lunch events are usually common for corporate meetings, seminars, and presentations, there are also a number of reasons why you should schedule the event earlier in the day.

When the events take place in the morning, the attendees will be less distracted. There are also fewer chances that they will be late for the event.

Morning events also find the audience at their sharpest mental state. As much as not everybody is a morning person, you can make the meeting livelier by offering free breakfast or coffee to warm them up.

Planning for a Corporate Breakfast Event

You can plan for your corporate event based on the presentation or the meeting duration. For shorter durations, you may want to serve breakfast first thing. But when it comes to longer durations, you can consider offering coffee, juice or tea upon arrival. After this, the attendees should have a break for more substantial food.

Trust the Best Catering Experts for Help

The best event caterer knows the best way to stage food to ensure that the event moving on with fewer distractions. Whether you require a full corporate breakfast catering Melbourne buffet or a simple breakfast spread, IQ Catering can greatly contribute to making the event a success.  Our options include breakfast morning tea and evening tea, half and full day packages, sandwich bar, platters, lunch, salads, and beverages. Depending on your preference, our experts will help you design a menu that meets your budget and need. Our professionals are also very flexible and regardless of the venue, we will always make sure that you receive our services when you need them.

Best Tips To Make Your Office Catering Affordable

Best Tips To Make Your Office Catering Affordable

Business catering doesn’t have to be so costly. In fact, a professional catering company costs way less as compared to making the food or picking snacks from a store.  One benefit of hiring a corporate catering Melbourne expert is that they can make the food more appetizing. Besides, they can also save you time and money.

Here are Some Tips to Ensure that your Office Catering is More Affordable

Choose Cost-Effective Menu Options

The catering costs usually depends on several things, and among them is the cost of ingredients and time taken to prepare the meal. There are some dishes that are less expensive, which can also help in reducing costs.

Order Only What You Need

One mistake that most people make is ordering more food than they really need.  It is understandable why people overorder. Actually, no one would like to be caught short of food. But in most cases, this is not necessary.

Ask your Caterer for Budget-Friendly Tips

If you are working with a limited budget, it doesn’t hurt to explain that to your caterer. The professionals can give you recommendations on the best food that you can get at affordable costs and give you strategies that can help save money.

Opt for a Buffet-Style Service

A buffet-style spread can also go a long way in saving the catering costs.  When you hire an office catering Melbourne company that can set the food in a buffet line, the guests can easily serve themselves when ready. This reduces the number of people who handle the catering event. It also allows the guests to only serve the food they like.

Lastly, hiring a local catering business can especially come in handy. Local caterers in Melbourne know exactly what to do to ensure that the business catering is a success. They will also ensure that the event is as smooth and stress-free as possible by working on pleasing your attendees while you focus on other important parts of the event.