Benefits Of Hiring A Home Food Caterer 

Benefits Of Hiring A Home Food Caterer 

When was the last time, you had soul-satiating food at a wedding? Well, this is something that everyone would like to share their reminiscences. Great food plays an integral part in your party or wedding. Hiring home food catering Melbourne company allows you to enjoy lip-smacking foods while saving your wallet. A home food caterer will help you satisfy all types of guests who will be coming to your party. More than a wedding caterer, home food caterers will be an easy option. Even if it is a themed one, a home caterer can create seasonal and well-balanced menus that satisfy all vegans and non veg lovers. Planning a wedding or a party? If you want to add a personal touch to the party, home food catering is the best option. There are benefits of hiring a home food caterer, read on to know more.

Saves Your Time

Cooking for larger guests can be tiring. However, when you hire a home food caterer, they ensure all your preferences are met with delicious menus. Moreover, you can peacefully enjoy spending time with your guests without needing to worry about food.

Great Food

The role of home food catering is to create culinary adventures from bite-sized nibbles to bite-sized meals allowing guests to enjoy your party like never. You can address your preferences, health concerns to your home food caterer and can customise it accordingly.

You Will Get The Extras

More than the food, you might need tables, linens, chairs, glassware, and dishes that come along with a home food catering service. However, you need to ensure that with the home caterer that you are hiring.

Professional Set-Up

When hiring for wedding caterers, not only do you receive high-quality food from the chefs, but the like neatly dressed servers who can meet and exceed all expectations.

They will make your guests feel at ease and are great at sprinkling the party spirit and can adapt to all types of atmospheres.

 From small gatherings to corporate events, birthday parties and weddings, you can hire a home party catering melbourne  to make your big day like never before. Call the team of IQ Catering on 03 9455 0818.

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Top 6 Popular Australian Traditional Foods

Australian cuisine offers a varied range of foods that differ from each other in texture and culinary method. From native bush foods to some inculcating global varieties, you will find an exquisite culmination of the best recipes that are worth tasting. Here is a list of popular Australian traditional foods.


Popularly called as ‘National Cake Of Australia’, the lamington is a sweet treat that goes perfectly with a cup of Melbourne coffee or bush tea. This square-shaped sponge recipe is available in different variations – dipped in chocolate and coated with desiccated coconut, or found in layers with cream or jam filling.


One bite in, and you will not speak any words but ‘wow’. Aussie burgers are known for their stellar combination of ingredients and flavours. Loaded with egg, onion, pineapple, bacon, lettuce, tomato and cheddar cheese, the burgers will make you realise that it is unlike anything that you have ever tasted.

BBQ Snags:

Renowned as sausages, BBQ snags are made with a combination of pork and beef coupled with onion and garlic notes. However, if you are feeling adventurous, you can sample snags of other animals from the local BBQ catering company. Why not wrap a slice of bread around the snag and have it along with a glass of wine or champagne?


As an Australian after-dinner sweet, Pavlova is all about that crumbling and crunchy with soft marshmallow centre topped with fruit and whipped sweet cream. If you have never tasted this dessert before, go ahead and try it now. You will fall in love with this recipe!


Barramundi is a kind of fish recipe that is native to Australia. Renowned for its deliciousness and culinary properties, barramundi is packed with Omega-3s and other heart-healthy nutrients. If you are not a fan of that usual fishy note, Barramundi will suit your palate with its gentle flavour and toothsome texture.

Chicken Parmigiana:

Chicken Parmigiana is a popular Australian traditional dish with a crumbed chicken breast that is topped with mozzarella cheese and tomato sauce. As a staple of pub food, this recipe is included as a base in a variety of meals such as pies and sandwiches. Chicken Parmigiana is usually served with chips and salad throughout Australia.

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