5 Finger Foods For Your Next Party

5 Finger Foods For Your Next Party

Planning a house party? You don’t need to hire a wedding caterer. You can enjoy the cozy atmosphere with lip-smacking finger foods. Finger foods are the perfect gig to kick start your party. These easy pickup foods are easy to clean up. If you are throwing a party, you might provide diverse options so that your guests can enjoy a variety of options while enjoying the party. Here, we will help you with five easy grabs on the go finger foods that take the limelight in most parties. Hire a professional finger food catering melbourne company for all your wedding catering events. Read on to spruce up your party.

BBQ Cheese Crumbles

These fresh and crunchy BBQ chicken cheese crumbles is a must-have in your party. With a perfect dip in mayo, this would disappear in seconds. If you prefer a sweet and saucy bite, then this would be the one.

Puff Pastries

This sweet pear beehive is a cozy add up for people who like desserts. It looks elegant and wrapped in pastries. It is coated with coarse sugar on the out and leaves a sweet note everyone.

Smoked Salmon Potatoes

Who doesn’t like something fishy? Yes. These stuffed spuds are a great option for fish lovers. With fresh cream cheese inside and minced salmon piped into mini balls and sprinkled with lemon and dill.

Beet Salad

Well, you should have something for the vegan’s right. Some walnuts, lettuce, beetroot, make this beet salad a healthy and tasty pick.

Grilled Garlic Shrimp Skewers

Coated with butter and garlic, this grilled garlic shrimps taste epic with simple ingredients. These skewers can be crunchy and if you want to add something sweet, you can use a tomato dip to make it sweet and saucy.

Cream Cheese Cucumber Bites

A slice of salted salmon topped with a crunchy cucumber would be great for your brunch party.

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Wedding Catering Melbourne

Why a Wedding Caterer is as important as the Wedding itself?

To the two souls being joined together as husband and wife, love is the central theme and the glue that holds them together. Every couple would desire a glamorous and colourful wedding since it marks one of the most memorable events in their life. Food and the decor are the fundamental elements that make a wedding unforgettable and therefore rendering wedding caterers as important as the wedding itself. Your wedding catering stands as the most nerve wrecking and vivid amongst all the other aspects.

What is the need for a qualified and experienced caterer?

Your special guests require special services

Professional caterers will adequately address the guests with special needs such as food allergies and dietary requirements. They will also provide impressive menu options that will leave your guests satisfied.

The satisfaction you get

Having wedding caterers would save you the stress and unnecessary effort that comes along when dealing with multiple suppliers. You are left with only one task, which is to enjoy the process of your wedding planning.

Quality Services

Although a tasty dish is essential, it is necessary that food is served impeccably. Most people view food and how it is served as the basis of being satisfied with a wedding. The fundamentals of any human relationship lie on kindness, courtesy, care, education, and even physical appearance. These qualities manifest so well to any professional caterers. This means that without such then your wedding would turn out to be the most disappointing.

Wedding caterer’s role is more the 50% of all that your wedding requires. They are also able to give professional advice that can make you day appear magical with irresistible food. If you are planning a wedding in Melbourne, IQ Catering Melbourne is a top choice for you since they offer quality catering with affordable and delicious menus.

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