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For over 15 years, IQ Catering has been offering comprehensive catering services to our customers across Doreen and nearby suburbs. Culinary innovation and impeccable service is our cornerstone and we help you with all aspects of menu planning for your special occasion.

Our skilled chef team has a magical pallet and a creative hand to prepare traditional favourites and international cuisines using quality ingredients. We will walk you through every step of the planning process and help choosing the innovative menu options for your event.

Catering Doreen

We always maintain the highest standard and make your catering event a savoury delight. Our dedicated staff members have strong working relationship, in-depth knowledge and experience to present a recipe of success.

Whether you are organising an intimate wedding party or a themed corporate outing, we have the expertise to design a custom menu that suits your event and budget. Our service staff is detail oriented and is dedicated to provide friendly, courteous and professional service every time.

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It is our passion and commitment to excellence that allows IQ Catering to remain as the industry leader.  If you are looking for a catering firm in Doreen, call 03 9455 0818 and get in touch with us today!