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Corporate Catering Ideas To Impress Your Clients

A corporate event is not just a prospect for socialisation, but is also an opportunity for a business to impress clients and promote its brand. Obviously, good food makes for a good mood, impresses your clients and sets a positive vibration for the entire event. Here are some corporate catering ideas that will help you ensure that your clients leave the venue satisfied.

Regional Foods:

If you are planning an international meeting or an incentive trip, it would be a better idea to serve locally sourced foods to the attendees. This is indeed a great way to provide your guests with a warm welcome to your province. Moreover, it will also be much easier to find a catering service that excels in local food varieties.

Seasonal Foods:

Why not serve your guests some delicious foods that the current season has to offer? Well, the benefit of this tradition is that you can cut down your budget as seasonal foods are much cheaper that non-seasonal foods. The savings can be used to include a few more items to the menu options.

Go Organic: 

These days, most people are focused on consuming organic food, and so it makes a lot of sense to go organic. Though you have the power to decide the food and drink choices, serving something appealing to the guests will leave them satisfied.

Innovative Serving:

The way how you present the food at your corporate event is as important as how it savours. Serving foods in elegant vessels, bowls and containers will be delectable not only for their taste buds but also to their prying eyes. Thoughtful and creative serving will certainly enrich the look and taste of your dishes.

Corporate catering menu ideas will have a great impact on the experience of your guests. They may either enjoy your event or leave the place with a dissatisfied feel based on what you add to the menu. Here at IQ Catering, we have professional chefs and service staff who promise to service high quality cuisine for your corporate event. With years of experience in the catering industry, we take pride in crafting inspired dishes for your business clients. For any inquiry, feel free to call 03 9455 0818 and speak to our experts today.

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Choose IQ Catering For All Special Occasions

Special occasions are a part of life. It’s all about sharing precious moments with your loved ones. To make the event more memorable, it is morally important to serve the guests in a tasty and healthy way. At IQ Catering, we have a lot of expertise in preparing and serving scrumptious dishes for different special events such as weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, business meeting, engagements, festive season and get-together.

Weddings & Receptions:

A perfect wedding and reception begin with a menu tailored to your vision. We have catered engagements, weddings and wedding receptions throughout Melbourne for more than 20 years. With delicious menus, innovative presentation and close attention to detail, we provide your guests the memory of a lifetime.

Corporate Events & Business Meeting:

Our commitment to using local, seasonal and fresh products to prepare delicious dishes ensures that your corporate event and business meeting will be a great success. We have a wide selection of menu options for breakfasts, lunches, and dinners that fit within your budget. Whether you are planning an all-day meeting or a week-long event, we are prepared to meet your corporate catering needs.

Festive Season:

Festive season is a wonderful yet stressful time for most people. You will have friends & relatives visiting your home to share their bliss during a cheerful festive season. Sitting down to a feast along with them is undoubtedly a part of the celebration. Whether it is a Christmas or New Year celebration, why not enjoy the festive season with our mouthwatering dishes?

Birthdays & Anniversaries:

Whether it be a birthday party with hundreds of guests or an anniversary party with loads of family members, your celebration begins and ends with IQ Catering. We mend your ideas with our knowledge of menus and presentation to create a delightful atmosphere for all of your guests.

No matter what type of event and venue you need catering for, you will be provided with the most delicious food and reliable service you deserve. We also have experts who will be able to guide you through all the preparations for your special occasion. Contact us at 03 9455 0818 to find out how we can make your event memorable.