How To Plan A Lunch Menu For Your Next Event?

How To Plan A Lunch Menu For Your Next Event?

Often the food varieties and the serving style make headlines in most events. It happens, when the event catering melbourne service makes appropriate recommendations with regards to the event, venue, guests, and tasting preferences. Indeed, you can’t take note or attention to the latest food trends, but you can always get the help of an event food catering service to provide the best possible food indulgence for your clients.

If you are aiming to thrill your guests and want to ensure that your menu stands out, you need to talk to the event catering service about your concerns and preferences. To ensure that you provide the best lunch menu, here’s what you should do.

Know Your Client’s Food Preferences

The basic strategy to win your clients is providing what they prefer. You should consider their food interests, and understand their health concerns. Especially, when you are sorted with a number of guests and clients who will be coming, and know their tasting preferences, you will be able to come up with a food menu that is sure to allure their taste buds.

Amaze Them With Creative Dishes

Of course, it is all with the choices that you offer. Other than letting the guests predict the spread of dishes, try to surprise them with a variety of dishes that would make them hover over the table. It is worth giving some amazing nibbles, bite-sized meals, cocktails, and classic foods like sausages, cheese scrolls, and yes, do not forget to include healthy add-on like salads, and non-alcoholic cocktails.

Stick With The Event Schedule

Time plays a major role in deciding the menu, especially if you have less time for lunch. You can try bite-sized meals or finger foods that are filling and delicious. If you have an hour for lunch, you need to determine how much time a meal can possibly take, and include that in your lunch menu.

Make An Unique Serving Style

If you are planning to accommodate a large group or smaller, choose the serving style, and your presentation of food matters a lot, and it is what attracts the crowd, so make sure to talk to the event caterer melbourne to come up with a unique food presentation relevant to the event theme.

If you are looking for an catering melbourne services for your next event, consider taking the help of IQ Corporate Catering Melbourne services and WOW your clients. For bookings, call 03 9455 0818 today.

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