Planning a New Year Party? - Check Out these Top Finger Foods

Planning a New Year Party? – Check Out these Top Finger Foods

Planning to end 2019 with a happy note? Well, this goes without saying. Throwing a New Year’s dinner party with a dreamy spread of tempting finger foods would be perfect to welcome the New Year. If you are looking for some out-of-the-box recipes to end the New Year, you have come to the right place. When you plan to host a dinner party, or plan to hire a party catering melbourne, ask them for unique and one-of-a-kind finger foods. Because, more than the decorations and arrangements, the food that you serve highlights the occasion. So, you need to go that extra mile to gain that extra dose of appreciation. With parties and get together bashes happening in full swing, we have rounded up some interesting recipes that are unpredictable by your guests, and you could hear the slurping already. If you are planning to give it a shot, check out these amazing finger foods.

Spicy Calamari

Crispy and flavourful, these will make your guests hover around the table. Tossed in a mixture of stir-fried ginger-garlic, and a spoonful of hot peppers, this salted and spicy calamari is definitely an Australian-Classic.

Mini Aussie Burgers

This is perfect for your guests to make a hearty bite with a real flavour. Caramelised onion, thick slices of crisp bacon, fresh and soft bread makes it a go-to one and it won’t last long on the table.

Crispy Prawn Balls

Crunchy on the out and tender inside, these deep-fried prawns make your guests keep asking for more. It tastes the best with tomato chili sauce dip, and you just cannot stop eating it.

Cheese Scrolls

Say ‘no’ to cheese said none ever. These vegetable stuffed cheese scrolls with classic Australian flavour would disappear from the plate in no time. Hot and spicy stuffed mix with melting cheese would be a dream come true.

Meat Pies

These deliciously soft and stuffy meat pies are a must-have. Tender meat roasted with classic spices would make you crave for more. When you keep this on the platter, you can expect them to be gone first.

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Benefits Of Hiring A Home Food Caterer 

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