Planning a party? Here’s How You Should Plan & Serve Your Food At Your Party!

Planning a party? Here’s How You Should Plan & Serve Your Food At Your Party!

When it comes to planning a party, how much food to serve is the one thing that most of you all are worried about? But, the truth is, it doesn’t have to be daunting. With simple tips and taking help from a reputed food catering melbourne services, you can make your party a hit.

Basic Tips For Planning Your Menu

  • Decide your budget – If you have enough money for hiring food catering for a larger crowd, you can take help from finger food catering melbourne services and can discuss your needs with them.
  • When you plan a menu, think about including different flavours & combinations and avoid the same flavoured dishes, as your guests more often take a portion from each dish.
  • The more food choices you offer, your guests will take small portions from each and will surely be entertained.
  • Next, choose different colours and textures for an impressive table spread.
  • Think about the party setting and ensure that you’re equipped with everything that you need for the menu that you want to serve with reputed party catering melbourne company.
  • Prepare and settle the items on the table before the guests arrive as there will be plenty to do when your guests arrive.
  • Presentation is what makes guests hover over the table. When you’re planning a buffet, think about good colour combinations and make the food look interesting and inviting.
  • Include some tasty finger foods for nibbles to keep guests happy and allow some time before they could get to the main course.
  • Use beautiful dishes, platters and trays. You can even decorate your table with edible flowers.
  • The food should be well-seasoned and ready to eat. You can serve in small bowls with a small fork, to help your guests to eat easily.
  • Make salads & desserts in a variety of textures, colours and food groups.

Bottom Line

By using these simple tips, you can make the party a great one and can also minimise the chance of food waste. So, if you have a party coming up, feel free to talk to us for home catering melbourne requirements. For appointments, call IQ Catering @03 9455 0818.