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Why Should You Hire An Office Catering Service For Your Next Event?

Summer is on the rise nowhere in Melbourne! Small businesses and large organisations will organise parties to celebrate different achievements made by their employees. Whether you are honouring a member of the team or celebrating an anniversary, make sure that you have hired a reliable office catering Melbourne company to provide your guests with the best experience.

Spectacular Party Experience:

Organising a stunning party takes a lot of effort, but hiring a corporate catering service will let you sit back and relax while the professionals taking care of everything. Remember that these companies would have organised a lot of parties before and have dealt with events like yours as well. The experience and expertise that they bring to the table will certainly create a long lasting impression among your guests.

Delicious Food:

Food is a star and is an important aspect of any event. So, the menu should be meticulously planned, especially if you are planning a party for a large group of people. Whether you want an Asian themed menu, Italian themed menu or any other local cuisines, you can consider hiring catering services Melbourne who will make it happen.

Create a Professional Impression:

Whether you run a small business or a well-established organisation, the way you present yourself should create a long lasting impression on your clients and employees. So, it is your onus to make sure that your office party signifies the professionalism of your business. Besides helping you choose the right menu, the office caterers will manage everything from table decoration to the elegant presentation of meals. Hiring the professional catering Melbourne service will certainly add magic to your event.

Hire IQ Catering!

When you work with IQ Catering, you will get an opportunity to work with an expert team that understands how important it is to satisfy your workers. Whether you need food to be prepared for 10 people or 100 people, we can help.

From the moment you hire us, you will experience impeccable and attentive service from our experienced team. On the day of your event, you will have enthusiastic, courteous and professional staff by your side. So, what are you waiting for? Call IQ Catering at 03 9455 0818 for bookings and enquiries today!

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Top 6 Popular Australian Traditional Foods

Australian cuisine offers a varied range of foods that differ from each other in texture and culinary method. From native bush foods to some inculcating global varieties, you will find an exquisite culmination of the best recipes that are worth tasting. Here is a list of popular Australian traditional foods.


Popularly called as ‘National Cake Of Australia’, the lamington is a sweet treat that goes perfectly with a cup of Melbourne coffee or bush tea. This square-shaped sponge recipe is available in different variations – dipped in chocolate and coated with desiccated coconut, or found in layers with cream or jam filling.


One bite in, and you will not speak any words but ‘wow’. Aussie burgers are known for their stellar combination of ingredients and flavours. Loaded with egg, onion, pineapple, bacon, lettuce, tomato and cheddar cheese, the burgers will make you realise that it is unlike anything that you have ever tasted.

BBQ Snags:

Renowned as sausages, BBQ snags are made with a combination of pork and beef coupled with onion and garlic notes. However, if you are feeling adventurous, you can sample snags of other animals from the local BBQ catering company. Why not wrap a slice of bread around the snag and have it along with a glass of wine or champagne?


As an Australian after-dinner sweet, Pavlova is all about that crumbling and crunchy with soft marshmallow centre topped with fruit and whipped sweet cream. If you have never tasted this dessert before, go ahead and try it now. You will fall in love with this recipe!


Barramundi is a kind of fish recipe that is native to Australia. Renowned for its deliciousness and culinary properties, barramundi is packed with Omega-3s and other heart-healthy nutrients. If you are not a fan of that usual fishy note, Barramundi will suit your palate with its gentle flavour and toothsome texture.

Chicken Parmigiana:

Chicken Parmigiana is a popular Australian traditional dish with a crumbed chicken breast that is topped with mozzarella cheese and tomato sauce. As a staple of pub food, this recipe is included as a base in a variety of meals such as pies and sandwiches. Chicken Parmigiana is usually served with chips and salad throughout Australia.

Are you planning for a family get together party? Would you like to serve these traditional Australian recipes to your guests? Get home party catering Melbourne service from IQ Catering! Renowned as one of the leading catering companies Melbourne, we provide corporate catering, private catering, wedding catering, birthday catering, and office catering services at affordable prices. Call 03 9455 0818 and ask us for more catering ideas!