BBQ Catering Melbourne

Choosing The Right BBQ Catering Service For Your Event

BBQ is always a great option, especially for throwing a casual party as it is loved by the young and the old alike. However, if you are holding a large function, preparing and cooking food for your guests becomes more complex. Instead of mingling with your guests, you will get strapped to the BBQ for the whole event. Having a professional caterer by your side will allow you to devote your attention to the event. Here are three essential tips that allow you to choose the right BBQ caterer for your event.

Begin With A Meet-Up:

To reap the most out of the BBQ catering Melbourne service, start out with meeting a professional and garnering a general idea of what they offer and their pricing options. This meeting will give you an opportunity to provide information on your event and the number of people you are expecting.

Sampling & Tasting:

Once you have conveyed all your requirements, the next step is to set up a tasting. If you are not familiar with BBQ or you want to know what the company specialises in, try a few their dishes before finalising your choice. If you are satisfied with their preparation and presentation, you can proceed with finalising the menu.

Decide On The Final Menu:

Now, it’s time to come up with the final menu. Depending on the type of event you are planning to organise, you can add salads, desserts, and appetizers to your menu. Aside from main courses of a meal, choose at least two or three side items and beverages to complete the lunch or dinner.

Here at IQ Catering, we specialise in BBQ dishes and have been serving clients across Melbourne. We will take away the hassle of ordering, preparing and cooking meals for your special events, so you will have the comfort of being able to socialise and enjoy the party with your guests. Our master chefs use special techniques and quality ingredients to prepare BBQ recipes that your guests will remember for years to come.

BBQ catering works best for both formal and casual events and is suitable for small and large gathering. If you would like to serve something unique and delicious to your guests, feel free to call 03 9455 0818 and talk to one of our experts today. Let’s advise you on the menu options for your party.